WALK  into the Matrix at lunchtime and you could find yourself surrounded by a crowd of hungry-looking students.

Their objective is probably the same as yours: to get food and get it fast. From about 11am onwards the areas in and around the Matrix become packed as students begin their wait in queues outside the shops.

The lunchtime rush was described as “crazy” by Jonathan Chipako, a 2nd year student. “I only come here after lunch, there are just way too manypeople,” he said.

Lunchtime rush: Crowds of students begin to fill the matrix from around 12pm onwards. Shop owners around the area of Delhi Delicious, Nino’s and Kara Nichha’s have to handle this lunchtime rush everyday as hungry students mill around and wait in the long, winding lines. Students agree that the matrix becomes “crazy” at lunch time.        Photo: Anthony Kaminju

The electrical engineering student only had to wait one minute outside the Chinese Lantern takeaway.  Other students who chose to come early had similar experiences.

Mpho Gadisi was one of them. “I came earlier so I didn’t have to wait too long,” he said. The 4th year quantity surveying student said there were too many people there.

“I think there should be another Matrix on West Campus,” he added.

Sithaialima Abdool agreed that the Matrix was too full. “I was wondering if Wits took in more students because this place is packed,” she said. The 2nd year BA student said she also came earlier to avoid the rush.

Many students can be seen standing in the long line outside Delhi Delicious and Kara Nichha’s.  Gadisi said he buys lunch from Kara Nichha’s because “nothing is more than 20 bucks” there.

The owner of Kara Nichha’s, Hitesh Kanjee, said  he thinks the shop handles the lunchtime rush well. “Students want affordable food and quick service and that’s what we offer,” he said.

Kanjee said he thinks the Matrix has been busier as the 7/11 shop is not open at the moment.  Jack Meng, owner of the Chinese Lantern takeaway, agreed and said that with 7/11 closed, they were “busier during lunch time”.

Places that sell food aren’t the only ones busy during lunchtime, as crowds of students can also be seen around the Wits Stationery shop and Jetline.