SOUTH Point residents in Braamfontein are in turmoil over more than a week-long water cuts in the buildings’ bathrooms and toilets.

Students are unable to shower, brush their teeth and flush the toilets in the mornings and often throughout the day because water is not available from about 6.30am until 5.30pm.

Last week, South Point management put up a notice in the buildings which read: “Please note – there is currently no water in the building due to Municipal problems and not South Point. The Municipal offices have been contacted and the problem will soon be resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Albert Ndou, a Witsie living in South Point 66 De Korte, said: “I am not free to go to the toilet during the day, I have to hold myself.

“I usually have classes after 10am, so when I wake up I collect water from the kitchen to wash in my room. I can only wash half my body because the tub I use is too small.”

Another Witsie, Omphile Menyatsoe, said: “Girls have monthly special needs and due to unavailability of water, the toilets are dirty, not flushed and smell like urine.

“For more than five days now I have been waking up at 3am in order to shower. Whenever South Point gives us poor service, they always say ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ but we cannot say that when we can’t pay rent. This is unfair.”

The precinct manager of South Point, Navi Kathrada, said the water cuts in buildings are due to the inability for the municipality to apply enough water pressure to efficiently supply the buildings.

“I understand the hindrance the water problem is having on students but it is not only South Point which is affected, also the rest of Braamfontein and the Joburg CBD,” she said.

“We are investigating the problem and trying to find an alternative for students. At the moment we cannot say much as we are waiting for feedback from Johannesburg Water.”

Veronica Benham, a Witsie living in Braamfontein Centre, a street away from South Point 66 De Korte, said there had not been any water cuts in the Wits res.

There is concern amongst students that South Point is not paying for water as it should.

“If it was a municipal problem, there would be no water on Wits campus as well,” Ndou said.