Law Students’ Council (LSC) elections for 2011/2012 are under way. The LSC represents law students and their interests.

The LSC serves as a bridge between management and l aw students, says outgoing LSC secretary, Thabang Madileng. “The main aim of the organisation is student governance.”

Campaigning started yesterday outside the Law building. Voting day is today (24, March) and the handing over will take place on the next day.

Madileng says the duties of the LSC entail “helping 1st years understand university life,” by orientating and integrating them. One of the big projects is to run the writing centre which helps first years, and everyone who needs assistance, with their assignments.

Jeffrey Madonsela, a 3rd year LLB student, expects the incoming LSC to carry on with the duties which were executed by the outgoing LSC. He says: “The incoming LSC needs to be conscious about our education.

“They need to ensure that we have enough resources in our library” and bring Law firms to do presentations about what they want/expect from graduates. “

3rd year BA Law student, Leigh Rodgers, is expecting “a high level of administration and better organisation within the department,” from the incoming LSC members.

A group of candidates campaigning for the LSC, Parody, believe in a united goal and vision. They want to create an “LSC that is transparent, accessible, actively involved, dignified and composed of hard-working leaders.”