SOME political parties are pulling out  their “big guns” (excuse the pun), while others are nowhere to be seen. This year, there are389 registered parties but how many of these are “pulling out all the stops” to get your vote?  

On Wednesday, May 18, all registered South Africans who are 18 years or older have the right to vote in the third democratic municipal elections run by the Independent Electoral Committee (IEC). The results of these municipal elections will affect you directly, no matter what your background is, so read on to be well informed before making your mark! Only 48% of registered citizens made their mark in the last municipal elections.

At the municipal elections, voters will be voting for local government who will be responsible for the delivery of basic services to all communities. These basic services include water and electricity,

sanitation, the maintenance of municipal roads, and the regulation of municipal transport services, to mention a few.

–          Who can vote on May 18?

All registered South Africans who are 18 years or older on voting day and have a green barcoded identity book.

–          How do you know if you are registered?

SMS your ID number to 32810 or check the ‘Am I registered’ page on the election website (

–          Where can you vote?

Citizens are allowed to vote at the voting station where they are registered. To find out where that is, refer to the ‘Am I registered’ page or call the IEC call centre on 0800 11 8000 (free from a landline)

If you have moved home, you will have had to re-register during the registration dates. Also, if you won’t be able to travel to your voting station because you’re physically infirm or disabled or can’t vote at your voting station on election day, you will have had to apply for a special vote so that you can vote on May 16-17. If you qualify for a special vote, IEC representatives can also visit you where you are living to help you vote. Registration for special votes closed on May 3.

Visually impaired citizens can be accompanied by someone who is 18 years and older to the voting station. There will also be IEC representatives who will be able to assist you.

 All voting stations will be open from 7am- 7pm on May 18. You can only vote once and will need to have your ID with you. Election day has been declared a public holiday.