The Democratic Alliance Students Organisation (Daso) at Wits has lashed out at the ANCYL, accusing them of singing “dubul’iDA” (shoot the DA) at an illegal rally on campus.

Daso is now calling for the ANCYL and its members to be disciplined for inciting violence against other students and for flouting university regulations by holding a political rally outdoors.

“The Wits ANCYL attempted to hold a rally on Monday at the amphitheatre, where they hired thousands of rands worth of sound. When the SDLU [Student Development and Leadership Unit] tried to stop them, they were defiant and continued using the sound,” said Daso deputy chairperson Mohammed Sayanvala.

The ANCYL has denied these allegations, saying that this was a Sasco rally, and that any of their members who attended, did so in their ‘”Sasco capacities”.

Sasco president Tebogo Thothela, who admitted the correct permissions were not obtained for the rally, also refuted Daso’s claims.

“If a song like that was sung, the sound would have immediately been switched off,” he said.

However, Daso remains adamant that the song was sung, and is determined to lodge a formal complaint with the university.

“While walking past we heard them saying the phrase “dubul’iDA” and it is unacceptable for them to be singing this on a loudspeaker during lunch. We will no longer accept an apology from the ANCYL, we want disciplinary action to be taken,” Sayanvala said.

Tensions have been running high on campus in the run up to the local elections, and the two parties clashed heads recently when Daso accused the ANCYL of vandalising their posters.

“Our financial aid posters were plastered with ‘Vote ANC’ stickers . At least 10 15 of our posters were missing and they were clearly torn down,” said Sayanvala.

But Godfrey Maja, ANCYL chairperson at Wits, said there are many ‘’vandals’’ on campus, and that ‘missing posters’ is not unique to the DA. Instead,, Maja suggested that this is a political tactic employed by Daso to try to garner votes.

“Our posters are also being destroyed. To claim that the ANCYL is responsible for this is highly irresponsible and shows just how desperate the DA and Daso are to gain votes. Our members are too busy with our own campaign to worry about their useless posters,” Maja said.

Daso has also accused the SRC of aligning itself with the ANC by branding its offices with ANC flags and stickers.