Titans on Top: The Humanities Titans celebrate with a few cold ones after extending their winning streak to 16 maches.

The faculty of humanities is dominating the sport at Wits with the Human-a-titties cricket side reaching the final of the interfaculty league, and the Humanities Titans rugby side stretching their unbeaten run to 14 matches.

BA students get criticised for their apparent lazy approach to university life, spending more time on the lawns than in the classroom. Many students will point out that BA stands for ‘Bugger All’ but results on the sports fields might silence those critics once and for all.

Unity amongst team members is vital for any successful club. When speaking to Richard Leaver and Kyle Moschini of the Titans rugby side, as well as James Pugin of the Human-a-titties cricket club, team chemistry is the one factor that both members of management encourage the most.

“It’s the bond between the players that is the reason for our success” Moschini said. “We have built a team spirit and ethos from playing together at Wits Rugby Club, and this unity has existed since U-19 level.”

“Most of us went to all boys schools and our characters just seem to gel really well” says Leaver. “We know each others’ lines exceptionally well since we have been playing together for years.”

“We’re a club that keeps Wits rugby players involved in Wits rugby,” added Leaver. “We encourage our boys to stay for a beer after the game, to make some friends. We really are more than just a rugby club and that is evident by our performances.”

The same unity exists in the cricket side and Pugin believes that it is no coincidence that they are now competing for top honours in the final. “It’s really just about having fun, but at the same time trying to win. So far we have played some excellent cricket but have not lost sight of what is important.”

“Maybe the other teams have underestimated men in pink wife beaters” said Pugin, referring to his team’s unorthodox uniform.

The Human-a-tittes are in action tonight at the Bozzoli Oval at 17:30. The Titans are in action every Wednesday night at the Rugby stadium.