An adaptation of The Amazing Race show was held on campus in support of the Palestinian cause on Saturday May 21.

The Amazing Race Palestine was organized by the Muslim Students Association (MSA) together with the Al – Quds Foundation SA. The event was aimed at educating participants about Palestine and showing support to the Cape to Gaza convoy.

MSA executive member Zaakir Mayet, who came up with the idea, said the Palestinian issue is very unique. “The Palestinian cause is a continuous cause. It has continued for 63 years. That is why we thought we needed to raise awareness.”

Humairaa Mahomed, who acted on behalf of Al – Quds, said: “Hopefully, everyone that came will go home knowing more about Palestine.”

Each team (of two) had to complete challenges related to the Palestinian history, culture, people and current situation.

One of the participants Atiya Mosam, an ex Witsie medical doctor, described the event as an “interactive way of learning”.

Said Elnamrouti, a PhD public and development management student who is from the Gaza Strip, came to watch the event and support the cause.

“Our people deserve to be free”, he said, adding he was happy to see such activities happening at Wits.

“The 1994 conciliation [in South Africa] gave the Palestinians motivation. The occupation will be over some day. We can continue to struggle,” he said.

Organizers waited with the clues at each of the 15 stations around Main Campus and JCE, and the race went on for about three hours.

“The occupation of Palestine resonates with the South African experience of apartheid. Palestinians are forced to carry and produce their identity cards to any Israeli official … You must now get your id book signed at the SRC office in the Matrix,” said clue number two.

The winners, who got a laptop each, were Mohamed Moolla, a 2nd year dentistry student, and Nabeelah Madhi, a 2nd year BSc student.

It was “tiring and very fun”, they said, also emphasising the informative aspect. Madhi said she would read the clues again carefully when she got home.

According to the organizers, 19 tickets (R50 per team) were sold. They weren’t expecting that many participants, but Mayet said: “The Palestinian cause doesn’t depend on numbers, it depends on motivation.”