A sick employee of an outsourced company at Wits University was allegedly turned away by Campus Health on Monday because he didn’t have any money for a consultation.

Oricon Environmental Services employee Bonzi Daga, looking sick and unable to talk, sat on a chair at Campus Health waiting for assistance when Vuvuzela arrived at the clinic.

His friend, who was sitting next to him, said they were refused assistance because they didn’t have consultation money.

“We went back to get the money, Daga got worse, we have been sitting here for like 30 minutes without any assistance”, he said.

Campus Health department head Yvonne Matimba said the receptionist told her Daga and the friend wanted to find out how the system works in terms of contract workers who are not Wits employee ,when they first came and went back to get the money. They came back earlier than the given appointment time and the Doctor was busy with another patient who was scheduled earlier.

“We don’t send anyone who is sick away because they don’t have money; we don’t ask about money in an emergency situation, she said.

Other students complained about the long hours they have to wait in queues since the beginning of this year as only two, sometimes one, nurse is working.

1st year BSc actuarial science student, Precious Mamosebo, said: “I have school work to do, I have been in this queue for an hour, it’s procrastination; Campus Health should do something about this”.

Another student who spoke to Vuvuzela on condition of anonymity said she went to the clinic for contraceptives on Monday but was told to come back on Wednesday as there was only one nurse working.” It’s just giving me pills, there is no need for such a drag”, she said.

Tshegofatso Maisela, 1st year chemical engineering, said: “I am on medical aid but I have been sitting here for like an hour, this is totally unacceptable.”

Matimba said: “This is a walk-in clinic; anybody who comes here has to wait, it’s winter time and there is a high demand for health care services.”

Nurses also prioritise if there are more sick people; they have no option but to send a person seeking contraceptives away, she added.

Matimba said Campus Health has had two nurses since the beginning of this year and a post for another nurse has been advertised, but she did not know when the new nurse would be hired.

“If one of the nurses is on leave, there will be only one nurse available hence my involvement in clinical work to assist to relieve the queues,” she added.

Matimba said they work overtime because they take their jobs seriously and sometimes leave late because of emergencies. According to the register, there was an emergency on Monday at 5.35pm when they were about to leave.