Two musicians chilling at Oppikoppi

OPPIKOPPI Unknown Brother came and went last weekend and those who attended will look back on those magical days in the dry and barren wilderness and truly know that what they experienced was something special.

Oppikoppi-goers take on the dust and the dirt.


To try and explain what took place on that small farm near Northam would be like trying to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity to a high school chemistry student. He might get the gist of it, but he will never truly know.

Still standing...for now.

The first thing that needs to be said is that South African music is not merely on the right track, but is bundu-bashing an entirely new pathway, one that people from all over the world will be trekking down very soon.

Having a good ol' time.

We have immensely talented people in this country across an array of genres. From Tidal Waves’ reggae mellow vibes to Dan Patlansky’s monstrous electric blues guitar solos to Sibot’s mind-altering electro beats; we have all the bases covered with regards to musical talent.

One of the band's pimped ride.

The next thing and perhaps the element that elevates Oppi to something more than just a music festival is the love that was genuinely shared by everyone. There were smiles all around and the camaraderie in the air was a little more than heart-warming.

Harpdog Frost (Albert Frost and Rob Nagel) leave it all on the stage.

The booze and drugs certainly helped with the chemistry but who cares. Everyone was simply there to have a good time and what happened in the camping area and between acts was just as enjoyable as what happened while the musicians were rocking out.

Tiny bubbles...

There is so much more that could be spoken about in paragraphs that there is not enough space for here: the dust that got under everyone’s skin but didn’t seem to matter; the walking around aimlessly at night in a drunken state trying to find where your tent was; the bumping into random people and instantly becoming friends (Estelle from Pretoria you’re a goddess); the memories that were made and those that have to be made up, it was an absolutely wonderful experience and I loved it all.

All the Unknown brothers of Oppikoppi.

For those of you reading this who were there, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who weren’t, do yourself a favour; there are few things that are guaranteed to change your life for the better and come August next year, you will have the opportunity to experience one of them all over again.

Keeping warm...


Time to go home...