The Counselling and Careers Development Unit (CCDU) is launching the Smart Moves campaign next week to create awareness around health, lifestyle and gender issues. 

The campaign will run on East and West Campus between August 15 and 18 and on Education Campus on the 19th.

The sex and alcohol and Let’s red card HIV campaigns will also be running in the week. These campaigns have proven to be popular with students in previous years.

The campaign is taking a human rights approach to promote diversity and respect for one another. “We need to be responsible about our choices because our decisions can affect others; especially in this kind of small society and open environment and culture.

We can easily cross those boundaries and infringe others (of their rights)”, says the CCDU HIV co-ordinator Vinoba Krishna. She says the campaign is structured to be more “colourful and embracing of other issues”.

To make the Smart Moves campaign more accessible to students and more engaging, it will be run by students who volunteer at the CCDU. “Meaningful” giveaways will be handed out at the stalls Campus Health will be on site to run wellness tests.

They will calculate body mass indices of students and also check glucose levels. Phuza Wize (drink wisely) will also be taking part in this project to help students make wiser decisions when engaging in sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol and drugs.