The SRC has declared the next two weeks “Academic Exclusion Awareness Weeks”.

SRC president Morris Masutha has embarked on a number of lecture visits to students across campus to raise awareness about academic exclusion.

“Academic exclusion is another word for getting kicked out of the university for failing to meet faculty admission requirements,” said Masutha.

“Many students are not aware of this reality and as student representatives we believe that not bringing the dangers of academic exclusion to the attention of students would be a serious injustice.”

 While academic exclusion affects all students, first years are the most affected by it.

“We also condemn financial students who lose their financial aid packages because they forget to sign their loan agreement forms. This behaviour is unacceptable and it has to come to an end. Students are the reason why there is an SRC and it’s important that they take advantage of the services rendered by this structure,” said Masutha.

The aim of this initiative is to help prevent students from becoming academically excluded by informing them in advance of the risks.

This year the SRC has raised funds totalling R700 000 to help students facing academic exclusion.

“Having participated in the council for readmission committee for three years, I have realised that there are a number of mistakes that students make throughout the year. In the absence of these mistakes, most Wits students would avoid getting academically excluded,” Masutha said.

This week the SRC visited the faculty of science and next week will visit JCE and medical school.

“The high level of university dropouts undermines our fight for a fully subsidised higher education and it is therefore the responsibility of students to justify this cause by fighting academic exclusion,” said Masutha.