TOLL COSTS: The new tolling system implemented on the ‘ring road’ highways (N1, N3 and N12) around Johannesburg will be charging light vehicle motorists 40 cents per kilometre. Government has yet to announce the date when the e-tolling system will begin but this price means that students travelling from the outskirts of the city will have to add the following amounts* to their normal petrol/vehicle costs for a return trip between home and Wits.


on map

Name of Roads



to Wits

(Return Trip)

Cost for

1 day

Cost for

5 days

(1 week)

Cost for

20 days

(4 weeks)

Blue Roads around Gauteng

that will be tolled

Yellow Soweto

(Golden Highway, N1, N12, Xavier)

16km R6.40 R32 R128
Green Kempton Park

(Atlas, R21, N12, N3, Geldenhuys)

64km R25.60 R128 R512
Red Pretoria

(Lynwood, N1, Buccluech)

86km R34.40 R172 R688
Purple Fourways

(William Nicol, N1, Buccluech)

26km R10.40 R52 R208
Pink Alberton

(Reading, N12, Xavier)

28km R11.20 R56 R224



















*These figures are an estimate. Motorists
can calculate their personal journey prices with the above map at