Looking back to this time last year; I thought I was a failure. I had just dropped out of a postgraduate degree, again, and had no clue where my life was headed.

Fast-forward to 2011, and the situation could not be more different. In a complete turnaround, I now know what I want out of life, am finally obtaining the skills I need to ensure that I get there, and every day is a confirmation that I am finally on the path my Maker had planned for me. Hooray!

I’ll be the first to admit the experience of letting go of the world I had known until then was daunting, but what I gained from it are pearls of wisdom for which I am eternally grateful.

The temporary delay and lack of clarity regarding life’s great questions taught me that it’s OK to let go of what no longer works for you; that it’s OK to admit you don’t know what you’re doing, and that you don’t have all the answers. I also learned that it was OK to admit that there might just be a power bigger than you and that you need rescuing.

Let go I did, and to my surprise and delight, have received so much in return. Right now, I am at the best place in my life, for this season. I am at the cusp of the dreams which for so long I’d thought were unattainable; I see God’s work in my life, and I know for sure that He knows the plans He has for me.

I may not know what situations or “facts of life” you’re hanging on to. While I am not promoting mass dropout, now I know that when your choices have boxed you in and it seems there’s nowhere to go, you need to start letting go. It might seem frightening and more than just a little risky, but there is life and abundance beyond what holds us back because in acknowledging, rather than covering up, our weaknesses, we begin our journey to overcoming and victory. All it takes is letting go.