Maxi-dresses, hot-pants and cute boys with washboard chests are great, but the spring season blossoms further.
The Arts Alive festival promises to make Jo’burg come alive with music, theater, comedy and more this month.

Veteran poet Don Mattera and musician Pops Mohamed kicked the festival off on Thursday and set a beautiful tone for the month-long event.
Artists Tumi and the Volume, The Soil  and MTV Africa Music Award nominee Așa are some of the other musicians scheduled to perform.
The Soweto Wine Festival (September 1-4) and Jazz on the Lake at midday this Sunday will unquestionably be a hit with audiences.
The wine festival will have wine education classes, as well as travel lounges and exhibits.
This year, Arts Alive has joined forces with SA Fashion Week. Local designers will showcase their winter threads at the Shrine Studios in Braamfontein and other venues on the last weekend of the month. Gert Johan Coetzee, who often dresses IT-girl Bonang Matheba, is one such designer.
Among the visual art showings and film and culture festivals, aspiring artists will be given opportunities to visit workshops where more experienced artists will share their expertise and experiences with them.There’s something for everyone all month long.
Most Arts Alive events are reasonably priced and Witsies will be happy to hear that others are free of charge and all venues are located within easy reach, including on East Campus.
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