IT was the day before my party when I felt a sharp pain piercing my heart.
Some of my friends were sending apologies.
All of a sudden, they were giving me what I think were excuses on why they were not coming to my big, treasured day.
What is nice about hosting a graduation and 21st birthday party is that you get to realise the significant role you play in people’s lives and get to feel good about yourself and your achievements.

Best of all, you are showered with “presents”.
Reflecting back, I appreciate the love and sacrifice received from friends and loved ones.
But the feelings of bitterness I experienced on my special day made me realise that I had overrated what friends are supposed to be.
I unashamedly categorised friendship and redefined what friends are.

Some friendships are like growing trees.You nurture them as they grow. When storms hit they fall. The connection you have with them is rooted but the future is dependent on the changes in both your lives.
Some friendships are a “drive through”. They are visited now and then.
Some bring sunshine just like a butterfly. When seasons change and it becomes cloudy, they are nowhere to be found.
A friend is not someone who must always be present in your life; it’s that person you call in specific situations.
You can call most of them when you want to go out partying but not if you are in trouble.
I have learnt that it’s okay for them to grow in and out of your life, but never depend on them or expect too much.

As long as they are on Facebook or BBM they will remain friends in communication of ‘Poke’and ‘PING!!!’.