The vice chancellor, Loyiso Nongxa, has drawn to our attention that his quote in the previous Vuvuzela’s front page story about the suspended students did not provide the full context of what he said. He felt that his quote might have been misinterpreted. Here is his full comment:

The right to protest and withdraw one’s labour is enshrined in our country’s Labour Laws.  The right to express or show solidarity to any group of people who decide to raise awareness about their plight and conditions is a privilege I believe is a corollary of our Constitution.  Wits is committed to doing its level best to ensure that people’s rights are protected.  It’s Wits’ obligation to do so – many people paid the ultimate price in order for all of us to enjoy these rights.  We should never allow or tolerate a situation where one group tramples on the rights of others in pursuit of its own rights and privileges.  People who decide not to join a strike or show a solidarity have the right to do so and this should be protected.  People who work and study at Wits have a right to (demand a) a secure, clean and hygienic environment.  Wits has an obligation to provide such.