This week’s Cool Kid is Scott Yarham.This international relations honours student is many things. He’s an amateur boxer, owns a mobile bar business called Spirited Enchantment and trains bartenders in flaring and mixology.

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Q: How did you get into bartending?

A: At 18 I went to London and got taken in as a trainee at a bar. I had to learn how to make 272 cocktails off by heart. Flaring is the last step – the last thing you learn about bartending.

Q: What’s it like to flare?

A: Flaring is exciting but does make you feel under pressure because you don’t want to drop something or, worse, break something. But it’s great fun and definitely pumps the crowd up and gets a good vibe going.

Q: Why do you love bartending?

A: You meet so many different characters – from the very rich to the very poor, from the famous to the not-so famous, from the very smart to the very stupid, from the not-so drunk to the very drunk. And it’s always a good laugh, always fun and games.

Q: How did you open up your own mobile bar?

A: My studies are very demanding. So I thought mobile, small hours, good money. The more experience you have the higher the pay.

Q: Have you served any international celebrities?

A: Bryan Adams – he’s quiet; I served him a vodka, Grey Goose. Bartenders always remember what people drink, especially if they’re famous.