No quote annoys me more than “be grateful because someone out there has it worse than you”; it never comforts me or makes my situation seem better.

Also, I feel that it belittles one’s situation and doesn’t give them time to mourn the crappy stage in their life.

A month ago, I was told a family secret that crushed me. I cried non-stop for days and found myself questioning everything I was ever told as a child and young adult.

I felt it changed my whole identity and that my life now revolved around this secret.

The cat hasn’t been brought up again since it was let out of the bag – mostly because I’m still in mourning for the life I once knew.

A part of me wants to hold on to it and hate the messenger, but then my heart knows and understands that 21 years of unconditional love forgives and forgets. The thing with life is, no matter how bad your situation is, it doesn’t stop – life and people keep moving.

I found myself blurting out the secret to strangers and wanting the world to mourn with me. I felt as though life was happening around me and I was in the middle, screaming for help in a language no one understood. My problem seemed too large for God even.

Things are better now, not 100%, but better. I’m letting go of the pain and anger because it has held me hostage for too long. It’s not easy but I make the effort to make every day better than the one before. I love, laugh and live with my whole heart.

They say we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. I think about the secret and cry often when the pain stabs. It helps.

Yes, people all over the world are suffering, but your pain and hardships are not to be compared. Allow yourself to be emotional. Serve and value your soul.

I was told the secret was kept until I was “old enough” to deal with it. Growing up is tough but people are tougher. I now know that life’s ugliness plays a big part in its beauty. It took great pain to remind me of how quickly life can change and be shown how beautiful and freeing forgiveness can be.