End-of-year examinations are looming and anxiety about being unprepared is beginning to creep into Wits students once again.
Vuvuzela conducted a survey of 100 students to get Witsies’ take on issues relating to exams. The students answered the following questions:

A: Are sweets and energy drinks effective in assisting students when studying?
B: Who do you think is more likely to pass a Wits exam between a hard-working and a smart student?
C: If a student scores 49% for an exam, should it automatically be converted to 50% to allow him/her to pass?
D: Should students have to pay to write supplementary exams?
E: Is a student likely to perform better in an exam after cross-nighting the day before because the information learnt is still fresh in the mind?
F: Is a library where there is complete silence the most effective place to study?
G: Are study groups and sharing notes useful before exams?
H: Can a student who fails his year mark make a turnaround in one single exam?

Survey results are reflected in the graph below. The percentage of students who answered “yes” to the questions is represented by the green bars, while the red bars represent those who said “no”.
In question B the green bar represents “hard-working” and the red bar presents “smart”.