So it has come down to this. Just a few weeks left of what has been five years. Five crazy and unforgettable  years at Wits University. I have loved them all.
I came to Wits in 2007. I thought I was the business. I thought I knew it all and if I could go back in time I’d tell that pink Polo-shirt wearing young nobody with the flowing highlighted locks to slow down and enjoy every second because looking back I wonder where the time went.
I studied law in my first year, hated it, changed to psychology, realised I have my own problems and abandoned all aspirations of becoming a famous psychoanalyst and switched to English where I discovered my love for writing. I guess journalism is a fitting way to finish.
I have made friends I will never forget. I participated in events  I can only vaguely remember (the Mampoer Tour of ’09 sticks out), and others  I will never forget.
I immersed myself in everything that was Wits. I made friends with people from all areas of study (yes, even those on West Campus), I represented Wits cricket proudly (although not very well), and spent many a lunch break improving my skills at the basketball courts.
I became involved in the greatest society at Wits, the Silly Buggers, who I will always be thankful to for my increased alcohol tolerance.
I became an ambassador for the mighty pink Human-a-Titties, an entity that became a force of nature. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of us where have you been?
I find myself getting nostalgic in the closing moments of my studies, but if I could go back I would not change a thing.
These are the best years of our lives. Don’t spend them waiting for the future.
Enjoy these times. They are beautifully chaotic and I wouldn’t want them any other way.