The Love Shack is a show that looks at romantic relationships, sexual practices and psychology in a fun and innovative way for students. The show will be educational in some aspect, but will have a light-hearted tone. Through books and sound research, the show looks to be informative in an entertaining manner.

Tonight’s show will feature FHM managing editor Louis Raubenheimer and Sunday Times astrologer Linda Shaw as well as a Wits Masters student in Anthropology, Ziaad Choonara.

More than anything, the Love Shack is a sexual wellness show, we are trying to get students involved in issues surrounding relationships, love, sex. Basically breaking the stereotypes and opening conversations about sexual orientation and sexuality, says Sentle Nell.

The Love Shacks resident sexologist, Dr Elna McIntosh will answers all the cringe questions related to sex and relationships. “No holds barred, she really goes into it, no pun intended,” says Nell.

“The show will look at the dynamics of Valentine’s Day  and whether people still celebrate it versus it just being another well publicised money making scheme,” says Sibahle Motha, the show’s producer.

Another guest on the show will be  Cape Town based pastry chef Jacqui from Charly’s Bakery who’ll be talking about the romantic special orders people put through for the day.

One of the show’s producers Thuli Mdakane says there are a lot of prizes to be won from Durex and the new Cherry Zumbak. “Make sure you listen to VOWFM 90.5 this evening from 6pm till 7pm and you can also catch it via audio streaming on  and clicking on Listen Live”