Girton first- years pose with their house committee member while being taken around campus


For first year students in residence, orientation means an entirely different thing.

From the first Sunday of orientation week, house committee members in each respective residence organise and control all their fresher’s movements.

“There are certain activities that are part of res traditions,” says Pearl Pillay, the vice chairperson of the Sunnyside House committee.

“But there are generic things like the talent show, a competition between residences, the welcome dinner for all residences and a sports day.”

Sunnyside and EOH freshers have supper together at the EOH dining hall

Pillay believes the orientation process is necessary for first year students, even though it can be “rough”.

EOH freshers do push-ups as members of their house comm look on

“I like the process. I always say that res is a culture, not just a place to live in. You need that week to get accustomed to it.”

Residence traditions were also an important part of orientation such as socialising with other residences. On Tuesday the 7th  students from Sunnyside Girls’ Residence had dinner at Earnest Oppenheimer Hall where they had to get to know their brother residence a little better.

First years are also taken for tours around Constitution Hill and South African Breweries (SAB).

Sunnyside freshers do a dance at a pajama party