A 3rd year student is struggling to pay the “expensive” accommodation fee at Wits Junction.

Lefentse Pululu blames Wits Junction and David Webster residences for “messing with her application”. Webster apparently accepted Pululu’s application last year but Junction advised them to cancel her application as they had a room reserved for her.

“The Junction is expensive compared to Webster, I am frustrated, angry and disappointed at [Wits Junction] for not informing me about this”, she says.

She says her parents cannot afford to pay R49000, which excludes meals annually, and she is clueless as to how she will pay.

Since she had to spend R3200 on transport monthly, Pululu decided to stay at the Junction despite it being expensive.

Henry Masuko, a 1st year BA education student could not afford to pay the R750 confirmation fee and now stays “in unbearable conditions” in Hillbrow.

He says the place is not study friendly as they share a one bedroom flat with four people.

“I think this will negatively impact on my studies, I don’t know anyone who can help with the money”, he says

Masuko received a NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) package that covers tuition and residence fees but not the confirmation fee. His mother does not have the R750 fee, as she is unemployed.

Vuvuzela was unable to get Robert Sharman, director of campus housing and residence life to confirm the allegations.