Hungry students who were looking forward to a meal at the main dining hall were treated to  an eyeful while waiting for their  mouthful. The main dining hall, located on the first floor of the Matrix, was renovated over the holiday.  “We had a lot of students and we noticed last year that the serving area was very small, that’s why we decided to expand it,” said Bontle Mogapi, the liaison officer at the main dining hall. A salad bar was added to the area along with a space for students to choose their own toppings for pizzas and burgers. The meals are made while they wait. “I think it’s beautiful,” said Mashele Skhulile, a 3rd year civil engineering student, “The service is much better than last year.” Mogomotsi Mosewu, a 2nd year student agreed: “The food is nicer and better than last year. [The layout] is quite confusing at first but I’ll get used to it.” Along with the installation of Wi-Fi, a coffee lounge has been added to the area as well. Mogapi said this area will be ready in two weeks. “Students can load money onto their cards and buy cakes and sandwiches.”  The coffee lounge will only be available to residence students who have booked meals at the main dining hall. “If it’s popular, then we would obviously consider including [other] students,” Mogapi said