The political road for ANC Youth League firebrand Julius Malema has come to an end. The expulsion verdict was announced late on Wednesday evening.

The disciplinary committee said Malema had showed no remorse in his conduct and had continued to defy the organisation.

However those who have a dying desire to see Malema down and out for good will have to wait. A life line of 14 days to appeal the decision has been granted by the disciplinary committee.

Whether Julius will appeal or not remains unknown. If he does, would the committee make the sentence less harsh?

According to media reports Malema has accepted the decision by the ANC but has not given up hope.

If an appeal is lodged, part of the argument by Malema’s lawyer Dali Mpofu would be that the national disciplinary committee’s decision was issued with “unseemly haste”, violating the party’s procedures.

Other youth league members were unsuccessful in their appeal against their sentences for ill discipline and remain suspended from the ANC for three years.

Apart from the appeal, Malema could still keep his head above the water. He can take the matter to the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) which has the power to overrule the disciplinary committee’s decision.

Back in 1976, secretary-general of the ANC Alfred Nzo wrote that the NEC expelled eight of its members from the ranks of the organisation for pursuing factional activities in the liberation movement. Nonetheless the members continued with their disruptive activities.

The current youth league has stated on numerous occasions that it would defy the ruling. It remains a mystery what Julius and his supporters have planned to counter the decision.

Could this be a case of a cat with nine lives and we should anticipate the return of Malema?

Vuvuzela took a poll early on Thursday to suggest possible careers the youth league leader could pursue. The responses ranged from farming to the next president.

If Malema’s political career does end up six feet under, could the league succumb to the mother body’s decisions and expectations of how a youth league should operate?

If not, South Africans should anticipate another firebrand leader like Malema.

The tribe might have spoken, but this does not seem like the final word. Who will outlast, outwin and outplay the other?