Bad service from various shops at Wits was reported to Vuvuzela this week.

Students named and shamed various shops at the university, citing grumpiness and rudeness as reasons they do not return to those shops.  Zita Miranda, owner of “The Sweet Park” in the Matrix, is particularly infamous around east campus for the way she treats students.

Jessica Langer, a 2nd year BSC student said the woman in the sweet shop [Miranda] has a sign that reads: “Goods bought elsewhere are NOT allowed in this store. Should you walk in with an item that is sold here you will be CHARGED for it.” Langer walked in with a bottle of water she had purchased from Woolworths, off campus, which resulted in Miranda demanding she paid for the water.

Another student said, “She [Miranda] does not let you buy, she complains and has a bad mood”. Nafeesa Jooma, a former Masters student said, “One day I went to buy ice cream from her. I was picking out different ice creams and looking at their contents when she shouted at me for touching the ice creams.”

Miranda said that she disagreed that students had had these experiences. She said that she ignores the accusations of people that she is rude. She said some people think she is “sweet”.

Bronwyn Gore, a mechanical engineering student said, “the sweet [shop] lady was actually sweet to me today, which is weird”.

Other students complained about “Maya’s” on west campus, saying that “they throw food at you”.

A student from the education campus also explained how a staff member at Bohlaleng Cafeteria shouted at her when she asked for a ten-rand note after she received it in coins.