The Counselling and Careers Development Unit (CCDU) has introduced The Final Year and Postgraduate Experience which is aimed at preparing students for the working environment.

The program is aimed at equipping 3rd year and honours students with the skills required to survive in the corporate world. Curriculum Vitae (CV) writing, developing oneself as a potential employee and mock interviews are some of the topics that will addressed at the event.

Career Education Specialist Raj Naran said, “Students need to take ownership and prepare themselves for the working world and the final year experience is an ideal opportunity to do so.”

Naran said a number of specialists from various sectors of the corporate field will be giving talks during the workshops.

“Practitioners from the more specialised fields like accountancy will be in attendance, we are trying to get professionals from the humanities field to come as well,” said Naran.

Life coaches from Coach Approach and Human Resource practitioners from Standard Bank will also be giving speeches.

Naran stresses it is important that students know how to write up a proper CV.

“Students come to us with half complete and sometimes unprofessional CVs and some of the times we (CCDU) are booked out and cannot assist them.”

Charissa Erwee, 3rd year BMus, was told her CV was too long and she would need to adjust it.

“I relied on LinkedIn to help me market myself as an employee but an event such as the Final Year and Postgraduate Experience will be very helpful,” said Erwee.

Diversity and relationships in the workplace will also be addressed along with how students can go about “branding” themselves through establishing a name in the working world.

The program starts July 6, during the winter vacation and ends September 19.

“Booking for the program is essential,” said Naran.