Minister of human settlement Tokyo Sexwale has pledged to give R5 billion of the R10 billion he is alleged to have accumulated through corruption.

“If that story can ever be true, I’ll give the first R5-billion to the charity of your choice and you keep the change,” said Sexwale following the Mail and Guardian’s article titled Tokyo Sexwale’s prints all over R10-billion tender last Friday.

The minister was speaking at Wits University at the public lecture hosted by the ANCYL (WITS) on corruption and tendering systems in relation to service delivery.

“I don’t steal from government, in fact I feel heavily underpaid in government but I have money of my own,” said Sexwale.

Morris Masutha, former president of the Wits SRC, asked the minster about the contradiction of him being in government and in business.

“Don’t you think it’s contradictory for a government official in human settlement to have a construction company and [to] chair the same committee that decides where the construction tender goes?” asked Masutha.

Sexwale said he declared all his business interests which meant that none of his companies can get a tender from his office.

He warned students not to believe everything they read in the newspapers and for youth to develop a culture of questioning and being involved.

Sexwale said the slogan of the youth in pursuit for economic freedom should continue to be “nothing for us, without us”.

He emphasized the need for racial tolerance because the youth and society are faced with new challenges.

“The youth must give us confidence that you are ready to take over, because we have confidence in you”

Sexwale made reference to the expelled leader of the ANCYL, Julius Malema, “ke sono neh?” (It’s a shame isn’t it?), he said to the laughing crowd.