Despite some outdated information, grammatical errors and no references, How not 2 Fail, a self-published book by a Wits student could just be a useful varsity survival kit.

Jamaine Mithi, 2nd year law, has written a 94-page book which he believes could improve students’ marks.

“No one accepted into university should be allowed to fail,” Mithi writes.

He has sold more than 180 copies of the book, which costs R50.

Mithi is doing his second degree at Wits and he wrote the book to raise money to pay for his degree. Despite advising his readers not to miss lectures as they are costly, Mithi misses a lot of lectures to raise money for his fees.

“I don’t have money outside me raising money, so I have to be more creative on how I spend my time,” said Mithi.

A student who read How not 2 Fail said reading the book was like getting advice from a peer.

“Just knowing how many students get excluded every year and knowing you can do something about it earlier helps,” said Ntokozo Ndimande, 1st year BA.

Mithi said he did not want the book to be academic. He decided to give the advice from a student’s point of view.

“This book is a labour of love. It’s to help primarily first years with all the information they need.”

Mithi normally sells his book outside the Wartenweiler library from about twelve every day.

IN BUSINESS: A student buys the book from writer, entrepreneur and law student, Jamaine Mithi. He wrote the book to help first years survive University.