STUDENTS risk losing access to tutorial rooms after hours because they leave the lights on and the desks and chairs in disarray.

Students have been using tut rooms to study in at night because the libraries are often full or because they find the rooms more convenient. However, they are expected to switch off the lights after studying and not displace furniture, according to Riaz Adam of the Property and Infrastructure Management Division (PIMD).

Adam said he intended to ask Campus Control to lock the venues because students moved furniture around and left the lights on all night.

“Why don’t they try other alternatives?” said Nigel Chikore, 3rd year engineering. “Because honestly the library won’t accommodate everyone. Someone should rather give us a warning.” Locking the tutorial rooms “is a bit harsh”.

He said the Wartenweiler library was often too full and the extension of library hours only helped during exams. During the rest of the year, students “also have to study”.

“Nobody hassles you here, not even the cleaners,” said Faith Mazibuko, 2nd year LLB. She studies in the large auditoriums at the new science stadium every night.

“All the libraries are too stuffy and too full… and there aren’t any plugs for my laptop.”

The auditoriums are usually locked after cleaners finish working late at night. Sphesihle Hlongwane, 1st year BSc, said she often had to search for another venue to study in after lock-up because “the library is not an option”.

Keorapetse Mohang, MB BCh, said “if the libraries are this full in April…imagine how full its going to be in June.”