PHOTO: Akinoluwa Oyedele

Voice of Wits (VoW) is introducing a new line-up of shows and presenters as some VoW veterans move onto commercial stations like YFM.

VoW interviewed for new staff at the start of the year and a new batchw of presenters, news reporters, marketers and designers are finding their groove in the station. New presenters will be starting after their six-week training programme which is designed to get them comfortable with how the station functions.

Most of the recruits are from the Humanities and Commerce, Law and Management faculties. Lucky Mdaweni , the marketing manager for VoW is excited about the talent coming in. “They’ve jumped onto journalism, already getting stories and really doing good impressive work,” he said.

One of the new recruits, Sithengwa Mzili, is finding his place as “the only guy in a newsroom full of women”. “It’s exciting stuff, its challenging me, its opening me up into the world,” he said.

Along with old presenters moving to different time slots, there are new shows for Witsies to look out for.

The Buzz will showcase unsigned performers who are looking a platform to promote their work. The Afro Box is a four-hour show on Sundays which will promote local music with an SA-based playlist as well as explore local record labels, managers and marketers.

VoW is also looking into a Kwaito show and an hour-long law show is being introduced on Monday nights.

Well-known presenters Musa Mousse, MoStar Kaiser and Smash Afrika have been picked up by YFM.

The new line-up will be posted on the website and posters advertising the new VoW family will be out on campus this week.