Wits Sports Administration (WSA) has spent over an estimated R1 million in the last three months on repairing sports facilities, allegedly vandalised and abused by Wits students, on all Wits campuses.

While the issue has been ongoing for some time, the WSA is now struggling with a lack of finances to pay for on-going repairs.

“Sports admin simply does not have the budget to repair as well maintain all of Wits’ sport facilities. And over the years the sports budget has decreased,” said Vardhan.

The Vuvuzela was told that it costs WSA R300 000 to repair a single tennis court and that to replace damaged or broken tennis court fences will cost R80 000.

WSA, according to Vardhan, generates no profit and on some occasions have to get assistance from PIMD.

When asked by Vuvuzela if WSA was doing anything to improve security around the sports facilities Vardhan replied that locks are put on the facilities gates but they are either cut or damaged.

“Security is an issue and we at WSA have to constantly remind campus security to watch the students during major sports events as well as over the weekend and Friday afternoons.”

Vuvuzela observed that the service delivery gate to the west and east campus gyms have been left open since February and Wits students constantly “hang out” on the cricket pitch.

“Students have no respect for Wits sports property, they cut holes in the tennis fences and run across the cricket pitch in soccer boots,” said Vardhan.

WSA plans to generate enough funding to establish a mobile security team to monitor all of Wits’ sports facilities.

In addition to vandalising sports facilities WSA staff have also observed students vandalising sports ablutions facilities.

The walking of pets on the sports fields and the failure to clean up after them has also become an issue that has been largely publicised.

FREE FOR ALL: A lack of security is largely to blame for damage to majority of Wits' sports facilities. Photo by Akinoluwa Oyedele.