Transformation is the theme at the third Annual South African season held in and around the Wits campuses.

Warren Nebe, curator for the event called “Crossing Borders,” says that this year’s event attempts to address “burning questions” around social poverty, xenophobia and the frustration, anger and hurt that young people embody in this country.

Nebe said that students should attend the event as it “provides a critical context for students to engage in dialogue about the socio-economic transformation in South Africa.”

“The aim of the season this year is to activate young people in debate through reflection and dialogue.” Nebe recommended students to watch the film documentary Why so angry?

“Our hope is that young people will be given the space to ask: Who have we become 18 years into democracy? Why are we so young people angry?” said Nebe.

Nebe said that it was important for students to be given a chance to engage in debate and that SA Season will allow for an expression of thoughts and feelings of an 18 year old democracy.

Nebe said that this year the event showcased a lot of young talent. The major differences compared to the last two seasons of the event are that “the 3rd season looks at the present and the future direction of the country.” The event displays plays, documentaries and an art exhibition.

SA Season: Crossing Borders runs till the 29th of July. The programme for the event can be found on their website at