A Wits medical school staff member allegedly assaulted a student on 23 July.
PP Maloka allegedly assaulted Brendon Ambrose, a third year BCom-Law student after Maloka had apparently knocked the side mirror of the student’s car with his own vehicle.

Maloka and Ambrose had been stuck in traffic outside the Empire road entrance to Wits’ main campus when Maloka jumped the queue and “whacked the mirror,” according to Ambrose.

Ambrose said he then pulled over to where Maloka parked to ask for Maloka’s details. Ambrose knew the culprit of the accident was a staff member as Maloka was wearing a Wits medical school employee vest and driving a Wits-branded white Toyota Yaris.

Ambrose alleges that Maloka then grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and threw him on top of the bonnet of the Toyota.

“I didn’t want to hit a staff member while defending myself and risk expulsion,” said Ambrose.

A security guard from campus control, who witnessed the incident, broke up the fight and escorted both Ambrose and Maloka to head office to deliver signed statements.
“Campus control were quite slick and very professional,” said Ambrose.
While being escorted to campus control head office, Ambrose called his criminal law lecturer James Grant who suggested that he follow procedure and lay a criminal charge, if he wanted to.

After recording a written statement with campus control’s investigations manager Michael Mahada, Ambrose laid a formal criminal charge against Maloka. Mahada was unavailable for comment due to the Wits academic and support staff strike.

Mr Maloka was unavailable for comment at the time of the story’s release.
A disciplinary hearing date has not been set yet.