A University of Johannesburg (UJ) student was allegedly raped by her ex-lover on Sunday. She reported a case of assault to the police, but dropped the charges a day later.

Margie*, 3rdyear BA student said she dropped the charges because she wants Thulani* to study and she felt bad.

The couple had an argument outside the McDonalds in Braamfontein, and then walked slowly towards the South Point Norvic residence in De Korte street.

Thulani was apparently drunk and forced Margie out of McDonalds, according to Lisa Xaba, a Wits student who witnessed the argument. Xaba is also a South Point Norvic resident.“I didn’t really stop him when he took off my clothes but I wanted to go,” said Margie.

She reported the incident at the Hillbrow police station on Tuesday but dropped the charges on Wednesday morning after he apologised.

Constable Jacob Maluleke said he could not comment on the details of the case but this was not a unique case. “Such cases are common especially if it involves alcohol and couples or domestic matters,” said Maluleke.

Although Statistics South Africa shows the high rate of sexual violence against women especially by their partners in metropolitan cities, the conviction rate seems to be lower.

Margie said she wants to focus on her studies and although this was a dramatic experience for her, she will still be friends with her ex-lover.

“I just hope he learns a lesson,” she said.

Thulani did not want to comment.

*Names have been changed.

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