THE All Res Committee (ARC) has criticised the resignation of three Men’s Res house committee members.
Sanele Nene, chairperson of the Men’s Res house committee, said the three resigned because of the frustrations the committee faced with university management. They were also experiencing academic pressure as they were neglecting their studies to serve on the committee.
“How could we continue with house comm if we face academic exclusion?” said treasurer Mxolisi Makhombothi, one of three who resigned.
The other members who resigned are the secretary Bheki Khoza and maintenance and liaison officer Smangaliso Ngubane.
ARC chairperson Justice Nkomo said he understood the frustrations students had with Campus Housing and Residence Life management because they experience the same problems.
Nkomo said: “We know their frustrations but we don’t condone any form of quitting from the house committee. We encourage students to fight for what they want and not quit.”
Makhombothi said when they were elected as part of the house committee they did not foresee the kinds of struggles they would face with management.
According to Nene the final straw was the aggravation they had with management regarding the “programmes they were trying to implement”.
Nene explained a recent quarrel they had with management where a planned braai was cancelled without specified reasons.
“We had organised a similar braai last block and we were commended for it, so now it came as a shock as to why they wouldn’t allow this again.”
Nene said students think other students in leadership positions have power but “to management you are nothing and that is sad to see because student governorship should be something that is advocated by the university”.
“The treatment of our house comm has been really poor,” he said.
Nene said the entire committee was prepared to resign but, because they knew the house would become unmanageable, they had to put aside their personal issues.
Rob Sharman, head of Campus Housing and Residence Life, said he was not aware of any resignations.
The Men’s Res house committee was suspended earlier this year.

Published in Wits Vuvuzela 20th Edition, 17 August 2012