“WELCOME to my crib,” Jason Botha jokes as he ushers Wits Vuvuzela into his res room in West Campus Village.

But this room seems to be missing the characteristic lumpy bed, greying walls and battered furniture of your typical residence room.

Botha's pimped out room in West Campus Village

Botha’s pimped out room in West Campus Village.
Photo: Jason Botha

Botha’s room looks brand new – although he didn’t pay the extra R15 000 required to get a renovated room.
The freshly painted walls are a crisp white. Shelves line the walls, housing files, books and a radio. The standard res bed has been removed, and in its place is a metal loft bed, with a couch tucked snugly underneath. Pictures of planes and shuttles have been stuck up on the walls, and an inflatable rocket hangs from the ceiling – no one could doubt Botha is a Master’s student in aeronautical engineering.
The “renovations” and hiring a paint and décor specialist, cost Botha a hefty R3 000, but he’s adamant this was better than paying for one of the residence’s newer room.

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Botha relaxes on the couch tucked away underneath his loft bed.
Photo: Lebogang Ndlakomo