I watched a girl getting mugged and I did nothing.


But, it could have been me.

I could have been the girl getting mugged, desperate for someone to help me and she could have been me- walking past, doing nothing to help.

As she walked past me, a man walked up right next to her and pulled out a knife, showing it her.  He said “ Do you see what I have here” ? Another man walked up to join them and he said to her “ Don’t scream, just give him everything you have”

Two weeks ago, I was outraged at the fact that the crowd around the taxi driver Mido Macia did nothing as he was dragged away by a police bakkie,but here I was two weeks later and no better.

The bio on my blog states that “I am a super hero, the chosen one, I’m going to save the world…you will thank me one day”

But superheros don’t just look away, do they?

I hate the fact that I live in a city where I am reluctant to help someone for fear for my own safety. I suppose it’s always been that way though, whenever you step into such situations, you run the risk of getting hurt. But in this city you run the risk of not just getting hurt, but losing your life.

What if I had helped her? If I had screamed, I may have raised enough alarm to gather a crowd. Within a few minutes a scene of mob justice could have played out in front of me… What if they didn’t stop beating them? What if they killed them?

I would have helped that girl. But I would have been partly responsible for two other deaths. Would I have felt any better? Any less guilty? No. I would probably be sitting here, writing the same story asking myself the same questions. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

Everyone else around me keeps saying I did the right thing. No. I did what was best for me, not the “right thing”.

So yes, this is probably a strike against my name, and I will probably be called into the board of super hero’s to explain myself, this is what I’m going to tell them:

I am only Human. Cell phones and wallets can be replaced, lives cannot sometimes the best decision won’t be the right decision.

Published in Wits Vuvuzela, 6th edition, March 15.