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“The Erasmus Mundus project LEAN-CC (Linking European, African and Asian Academic Networks on Climate Change), addresses the promotion of research and education exchange in the field of climate change. The promotional seminar at Wits aims to improve awareness of the issues relating to climate change and the available EU courses and programmes, reduce barriers to studying in the EU, provide prospective non-EU students with information, and provide a platform and a basis for collaboration and mobility between European, African and Asian Academic Networks in the field of climate change education and research.
The seminar is open to experts and students in climate change as a multidimensional issue, including the science, policy, and education in academia as well as the general public, private, and community sectors. Invited talks will provide a deeper understanding of the different facets of climate change and contribute to a more informed and dynamic discussion in several breakout groups.
The seminar takes place from 3 to 5 April 2013 at the Professional Development Hub, Wits University.
Students at all levels interested in studying climate change are invited to participate. Students are invited to present posters featuring their work related to climate change and sustainability. Cash prices will be awarded to the three best posters.
Pre-registration is required by 25 March 2013. Deadline for poster abstract submission is 22 March 2013. For details on the seminar, registration and abstract submission, see