The Wits hockey team’s version of the popular Harlem Shake has been named as a favourite of a prominent talk-show host.

Talk radio 702’s Jenny Crwys Williams has named the hockey team’s Harlem Shake as her favourite.

The underwater hockey team had to tread water in their formal gear for about twenty seconds at a time, in order to execute the video.

Team member Nick Quarta had suggested the idea to the team. On hearing the news that 702 had mentioned the team, the chairperson of the team, Vicky Stock was ecstatic.

“We were all very excited, I received a message from a friend telling me he’d just heard that 702 had mentioned our Harlem Shake. We never thought it would ever get that far so it was really cool news,” Stock said. Stock added, “the sport is still growing in South Africa and we were all amped that the Harlem Shake got out there to expose it!”

The ‘Harlem shake’ has evolved into an internet meme that has gone viral on multiple social media platforms. The meme is in the medium of  video. The video consists of people who perform a dance to the song ‘Harlem shake’ by Baauer.

The first ‘Harlem shake’ was uploaded on February 2, 2013 by a group of students from Australia. The video was modelled from a video that was made by online blogger Filthy Frank.

The formula of executing the Harlem Shake involves making a video that is approximately 30 seconds long.

The video usually begins with one individual who dances to the song amongst a group of inattentive individuals. The bass of the song drops after about 15 seconds which results in the inattentive crowd dancing along with the individual in an enthusiastic manner.

The  ‘Harlem shake’ concept has been used politically in Egypt, Tunisia and in the United States of America.