A Wits Students Representative Council (SRC) Facebook account was hacked into recently but the culprit is still at large.

The secretary of the SRC is investigating.

The hacker caused trouble  by using  the Facebook page to post derogatory comments about a former SRC member.

Head of Media and Marketing officer of the SRC Charmaine Pule said there was some confusion because the SRC page did not specifiy what year it was therefore the offensive comments were associated with the present SRC group.

“Tasneem Essop our secretary is investigating the issue,” Pule said. The SRC will only release a statement after the issue has been resolved.

In the meanwhile, in another social media incident, the Twitter profile of the SRC has also received some criticism from some students.  A group of Afrikaans students informed Vuvuzela that they  felt excluded from the SRC twitter platform because  there was no greeting in the Afrikaans language on the daily SRC greeting tweet.

The greeting only reflected eight of the official languages. The Afrikaans students felt that because Afrikaans was the third most spoken language in the country, it should have been included.

However, Pule responded: “We didn’t choose to exclude anyone. It was an honest mistake and it will be rectified,” She informed Vuvuzela that it would be impossible to include all languages in the greeting. This is due to the nature of the character space on Twitter. Twitter allows for only 140 characters.

The SRC will launch a change to the greeting on Twitter to the student body. Each day will have three languages represented in the greeting as hashtags.

This aims to include all official languages excluding sign language in a week. “We also try to encourage students to greet back in their official languages to engage with students in their mother tongues,” Pule said.

Pule shared that the amendments will be implemented as soon as possible.