THE NEW West Campus food stalls came under the spotlight this week following student complaints of high prices.

Witsies took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the high food prices at the stalls. Many students still walk to the Matrix on East Campus to buy food, where stalls are said to be reasonably priced.

Chip ‘n Dip and Macaronis opened at the beginning of term as additions to Maya’s and the Tower on West Campus. This makes for only a handful of food suppliers on West Campus compared to the variety of stalls available at the Matrix.

Some students have had to reduce the number of times they buy food on campus. Noluntu, (3rd yr. BComm) said she only bought food at the stalls a few times a week. “The prices are too high, where will I get the money from?” she said. Ndalamo,  (2nd year LLB), said: “they have great food we want to buy, but they must also remember that we are students.”

Corradetti Rino, manager at Macaronis, said that he had not received any complaints about prices since the opening of the stall. Rino acknowledged the difference in prices between his stall and many others on East Campus but said this was because his stall offered original Italian food not found anywhere else on campus.

“I’m very happy to bring bits of culture from Italy to South Africa,” he said. Another concern was the lack of variety in food sorts on West Campus.

Many students felt that more stalls needed to supply Halaal certified foods and even suggested introducing a Seven Eleven stall.

But a campus price comparison revealed that the cheapest prices are not exclusive to East Campus stalls.  Prices tend to fluctuate based on the food type being sold.

This survey of smaller more popular foods sold on both campuses revealed West Campus to have more reasonable food prices than students claim.

A simple comparison of some popular items At Wits shows that East campus prices are higher in some instances. Graphic: Dinesh Balliah

A simple comparison of some popular items at Wits shows that East campus prices are higher in some instances. Graphic: Dinesh Balliah