A FEMALE Witsie appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of crimen injuria but her case was moved once again to April 24.

Second year LLB Oratile Godirilwe was allegedly assaulted at a Total garage in Braamfontein on February 25. She went to the Campus Control (CC) offices on De Korte Street and CC officers called the police for her. Two police officers responded to the call but instead of helping, they arrested Godirilwe and she spent the night in jail.

According to Hillbrow police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Mduduzi Zondo, Godirilwe was arrested because she “shouted at” and “insulted” the police officers who responded to her call.

Wits Vuvuzela spoke to Wits Law Clinic about what students should and should not do if they find themselves wrong side of the law.

The clinic generally does not act on students behalf but according to Stephen Tuson, an attorney at the clinic, they can give advice. “We do not have the capacity to handle criminal matters and the state provides public defenders to all accused,” he said.

If arrested Tuson said students should let someone know immediately because “sometimes after being arrested it is not easy to get a phone call.”

He also said that students should not give false names when arrested: “You may be denied bail as it will be assumed you are a flight risk as you gave a false name to avoid detection later.”

“Do not make a statement to the police until you have consulted an attorney,” said Tuson.

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