In the first netball match of the internal league this week Esselen thrashed Reith in a 20-11 victory.

While Reith was the first to get onto the scoreboard and dominated the initial end of the game, Esselen powered to a massive victory to great ululations.

Reith’s goalshooter Cebisa Mdekazi was the first to score in the match, but had to leave the court after her glasses broke during some power actions on the court.

In a dramatic call for help, Mdekazi yelped: “First Aid… or anyone please does anyone have cellotape or anything…my glasses have broken.” Alas, no help came.

Esselen’s coach and goal attacker, Palesa Choma, played a tremendous role in her team’s victory scoring a phenomenal 17 of the 20 goals.

“We are so excited because we practised so hard! We deserve the win and we’re not shocked by it,” Choma enthused.

Choma rescued the game when she restored the faith of Esselen’s supporters after she scored the first shots for every quarter of the match after Reith’s initial goal.

The first quarter of the match ended with a draw of 4-4 by both teams. During the second quarter, Esselen managed to manoeuvre to nine points while Reith managed 6 goals.

The third quarter was another breakthrough for Esselen when the score resulted with 14-8 points to Esselen.

“We are keeping up the ghetto and winning streak of Esselen,” said the excited captain Kelebogile Sebopela.