A “WITS sex tape” made by two students has been a hot topic of debate this week, blowing up on twitter and radio.

The six-part, 30 minute sex tape begins with the male student positioning the camera. The woman, whose name is known to Wits Vuvuzela, then begins performing oral sex.

The woman from the sex tape refused to speak with Wits Vuvuzela, but it was confirmed by a close friend that the woman is still a Wits student and the couple have been dating for years.

A source close to the girl told Wits Vuvuzela on Sunday: “Well she and her boyfriend made the sex tape long ago and she didn’t know it was online.

She had been trying to get hold of her boyfriend  [on Sunday] but he was not answering his phone.”

The source said she thought her friend was in denial about the tape going viral judging from her reaction when told about it.

“Oh well, at least I look hot,” she told her friends.

The sex tape was trending on twitter for more than 72 hours early in the week. Some students had mixed feelings about the sex tape, while most were just trying to get in on the most talked about topic on twitter. The tape was uploaded in six parts last November, on the Blacknudes mobile porn blog under the title “Wits girl love”.   The blog has since been deleted.

Many tweets rolled in speculating whether or not the couple was aware that they were being filmed, but it is clear from the tape that they knew they were  on camera.

The man positions the camera before the woman looks directly into the camera, saying: “So yeah, hey like we’re about to fuck.”

On Wednesday morning a man claiming to be in the tape was interviewed on the Yfm breakfast show hosted by Moeti Tsiki and Khutso Theledi.

During his anonymous interview with Yfm, the man claimed it had been filmed by his dad. However, many tweets flew in saying that the man being interviewed was a liar and that he was only trying to gain fame and publicity.