Zulu girl is a Pedi man. Just in case you are confused – the Diary of a Zulu Girl blog went viral with 650 000 views in just two weeks. The writer is being approached by production houses, which will turn the blog into a script for a TV series.

The blog is about a young girl from rural KwaZulu-Natal who moves to Johannesburg, studies at Wits University and has a blast with older foreign men.

Mike Maphoto, the now famous blogger, is a law graduate from the University of Cape Town. He told Wits Vuvuzela he had no real plan to write the blog. He was sitting with friends and they were talking about girls they know who had changed after high school and now dated older foreign men.

“Thandeka is representative of a lot of girls, not just girls from Wits or UJ, even a girl from an EFT College” he said. Maphoto added that people always expect girls who study at UJ to be more corrupt than Wits girls, but this was clichéd because he knew girls from Wits that dated older men for money.

An extract from the blog reads: “Now like I said I did not grow up in a village. On the contrary I grew up in a small town. Had DSTV and all the perks people in big cities and flushing toilets etc don’t even get clever on me. I was also on the verge of getting my license using my mother’s old Tazz, so I was well off compared to many people”.

Diary of a Zulu girl is a story about Thandeka Mhkize, a young woman studying Law at Wits University hoping to find independence, freedom and identity. At the beginning she’s uncomfortable with the idea of hanging out with older rich foreign men but eventually gets used to the idea

The views on the blog skyrocketed from about 30 00 views to 650 000: “I didn’t think my blog would blow up”, Maphoto said about the endless attention he has been receiving from the media”

When asked why KZN and not rural Northern Cape or Limpopo, He replied: “There are more Zulu people than any other tribe in the country and it is a proven fact that Johannesburg is attractive to Zulus and Thandeka being Zulu made a lot of sense for me.

Many of his followers feel cheated that a man would tell the story of a woman.

“This blog is based on what is happening in reality, like I said I had no real intention to write this blog, it was just born out of a conversation I was having with my boys,” Maphoto said.