There are nice gift incentives for good behaviour:  the dean of students, Prem Coopoo, presented members of the Wits All Residence Council (ARC) with tablets last month.

Fifteen of the 18 ARC members were promised tablets as an incentive to ensure that last year’s all residence “Wits 90” heritage celebration picnic would be incident free.

In an email interview with Wits Vuvuzela, Coopoo confirmed this.

Coopoo said because of previous misconduct at the ARC picnics, there was a lot of debate on the future of the ARC picnic. The Student Services Advisory Committee had then decided that 2012’s ARC would be granted permission to host the picnic based on certain conditions.

“As an incentive to host an incident free picnic, I offered the ARC members tablets,” said Coopoo. “These picnics have always been without incident except for two consecutive years in 2010/2011 when we had alcohol abuse and a stabbing,” said Coopoo

Coopoo said her office had provided the funding for the tablets and that the tablets were for the members to keep.

Justice Nkomo, former Chairperson of 2011/2012 ARC, was able to confirm that he had received a Proline 9.7” tablet from Coopoo in good faith.

“All members of last year’s ARC received Tablets because of a resolution that emanates from the student advisory committee,” said Nkomo.

According to the company’s website, the Proline tablets  retail for R2 295.

Nkomo said the ARC had received the tablet because they put in extra effort in organising the event and that he could not confirm whether other student representative councils would receive gifts if they performed according to the set standards.

Nkomo, upon receiving the tablets, said that other students should not be outraged that the university was spending money on them. He said the Proline tablets were among the most inexpensive on the market.

He added that he hoped to re-launch the SRC’s “one student one tablet” campaign so that all students could be equipped.