THE WITS rugby club teams came out on top after they defeated Pirates five times in five matches on Saturday.

The U/19 team walked away with a victory of 29-0 while the U/21’s secured a massive 48-0 win against the Pirates.

The 3rds and 2nds then kept the streak alive with wins at the Pirates’ Greenside rugby field.

The highlight of the day was the Wits first team beating Pirates 44-29, leaving the Witsies feeling proud as they walked away with all five wins.

The first try of the game was scored by Jacques Erasmus after Pirates gave way for a Wits line out, 30 meters away from the try line. However, after talking to the lines men, the try was cancelled.

Grant Janke showed off his stepping skills as he filled the gaps, resulting in a try for Wits, then flyhalf Greg Blom converted, putting Wits in a 7-0 lead.

Blom managed to secure a second try, as well as a conversion. Very early on in the game it was clear that the Wits boys were going to give it horns.

Wits raised the pressure considerably but unfortunately handed over a penalty for Pirates due to small, silly mistakes giving their opponents a sense of hope.

Wits was strong on the offense as they drove into the Pirates five metres away from the try line. Pirates made for tough opposition, but Erasmus eventually made it over. Blom missed the kick over and at 30 minutes into the game the score stood at 19-3 to Wits.

Ten minutes later Wits managed to score another two tries as well as two conversions by Blom, putting Wits ahead 33-3 at half time.

Wits came back in the second half with confidence, scoring another try by Hannes Luddick after a great display of teamwork.

With the score at 38-3, Pirates were feeling the heat. Trying to recover they finally manage to score their first try when they received a scrum 25 meters from the Wits score line. Fighting through the Wits defenders, they scored and with a converted to 38-10.

Another try was scored by the Pirates, but a missed conversion put the score at 38-15 at 60 minutes into the game. About a minute later the Pirates dished out some clever moves and secured another try raising their score to 38-22.

Wits received a penalty that was kicked over successfully by Kyle Peyper who came on for Blom and fought back for a 41- 22 lead. Pirates came back strong five minutes later when they once again scored a try and a kick over.

With the score at 41-29, Wits clung onto their lead desperately with only 10 minutes left of the game.

Wits received another penalty kicked over by Peyper. Erasmus then made a break for it and scored a try that was again cancelled after the lines men had said their bit.

With Pirates strong on the offence 30 meters from the try line, Wits stayed adamant by defending strongly, forcing the Pirates into making poor decisions.

The Wits team were relieved when the ref blew the whistle, signalling the end of the game and a 44-29 victory for Wits.