Carmen Matlhako, Luyanda Mkhize and Candy Khoza, walked at the launch of Candid Devout's clothing line.

Carmen Matlhako, Luyanda Mkhize and Candy Khoza, walked at the launch of Candid Devout’s clothing line.

AN unlikely trio of two civil engineering students and a law student were strutting on a runway at the launch of the Candid Devout clothing line.

Carmen Mathlakola and Luyanda Mkhize, both 2nd year Civil engineering students and Candy Khoza 2nd year LLB student walked the catwalk on Saturday night at the Gardens Rooftop venue.
Not your typical models, Mathlakola believed that they were not selected to model the brand because they had the” typical model look”, but because they represented the brand. Candid Devout “is for any girl, tall or short” said Mathlakola.

Khoza believes people often think when you look a certain way; you have to be in a certain career. Although Khoza is shorter than the average ramp model she said her height worked in her favour, as she was able to wear clothes that taller girls couldn’t really pull off.

Cathy Moloi, the brains behind the clothing line says it’s all about “authentic trends, with the latest trends recurring, making it very dynamic, basically swag means it speaks for itself”. The line was well-received as the audience marvelled at the vintage chic pieces, mixed with a classic African print influence. The star-studded audience included the likes of SABC 2 Hectic Nine-9, Raphael Griffiths and International pop star, Michaela.

One does not realise how much work goes into putting together a fashion show. The audience was treated to a glitch-free fashion show, but the girls said there was “madness” in the backroom, as “one girl almost went out in her bra” said Mkhize.

For the engineering duo, the fashion show gave them a break from their “hectic” course and an opportunity to be in the limelight, “that [attention from people] doesn’t happen in engineering” said Mathlakola.
Khoza,a VowFm Dj and self-confessed drama queen is used to getting attention from family and friends. For her the experience was all about learning the ins and outs of how modelling works. She aspires to be in the fashion Industry one day as “it was nice to get the experience of the runway (sic)” said Khoza.
Although none of the girls have ambitions of taking up modelling as a career, they agreed that if the opportunity arose, they would do it again.