Screeching tyres and ‘bang’ is how local cab driver Mamodiela Mooa  described the car accident that happened in Braamfontein  last Sunday evening.  ”

I was in my car reading the Sunday World. Then I heard screeching tyres and BANG,”said Mooa .  A white Volkswagen Polo GTI travelling down De Korte street lost control leaving two cars damaged. There were no fatalities or serious injuries but those involved in the accident were left shaken.

All images by Nokothula Manyathi.


The white VW is seen parked in the middle of a four way intersection on De Korte following its collision with two other vehicles.


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Mamodiela Mooa’s silver blue Toyota Camry sedan, which was parked in front of the Total garage on De Korte street, was dented by the VW which lost control. A tow car company arrived on scene soon after the accident happened.


Bystanders gathered around the Toyota Camry, taking pictures and waiting for the police to arrive.


A black Opal Corsa was also scratched and slightly dented by the VW.

Former Isidingo actor Carl Beukes (wearing orange scarf and brown jacket) who was driving a black Opal Corsa, was also affected by the accident.

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After a 45 minute wait, Hillbrow police arrived on the scene. The three men who’s cars were affected by the accident had to go the police station to file an official statement.


The VW incurred the most damage and had to be towed away to a panel beater.


 Following the accident Wits Vuvuzela was unable to receive an official statement from any of  the affected parties about the events that lead to the accident.